Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Camping at South Carlsbad State Beach

This summer, I finally figured out the crazy reservation scheme employed by the California State Parks, and was able to score a couple of different weekends at the coveted South Carlsbad State Beach campground.  On our final beach campout of the summer, we were joined by some friends of Annika's.  Some may remember when Annika met her instant best-friend Joe at the SoCal Desert Rendezvous last March (written up on Dad's blog because it was more about camping).

At any rate, Annika has been asking about when she could "go camping with Joe" pretty much weekly since that trip.  We were finally able to oblige.  As a bonus, Joe brought his kid-sister along (and his Parents made an appearance, too).

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SoCal Desert Rendezvous 2012

A random visit to the Reserve America site had revealed an open three day slot at the San Elijo State Beach campground for the 4th weekend in March, so I grabbed it on instinct. Of course, just a few days later the planned date for the Expedition Portal forum SoCal Desert Rendevous was announced and guess what? Same weekend. After some discussion and in deference to familial harmony, we decided to aim for the beach camp. However as the date neared and the weather fouled, we finally decided that cold weather + impending rain + beach didn't mix and made a last-minute switch to attend the Rendezvous after all. It all worked out and we had a great adventure!

From ExPo Desert Rendezvous 2012